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The best way to experience the Vallarta Botanical Gardens

We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong. By discovering nature, you discover yourself. Come and experience our little peace of paradise in the middle of the Sierra Madre mountains and delight your senses with the activites that we offer.


People travel long distances, from all over the world, to come to the famous Vallarta Botanical Gardens. The importance of each of the
different species that adorn the Garden often goes unnoticed or does not capture our attention because of the amount of species that overwhelm our senses.


All of our experiences are created especially for those who want to get in touch with nature. Each tour offers the opportunity to interact with everything that surrounds us within the gardens and in our daily lives. Created especially for you and your group, we adapt to your needs by adding as many elements as you like to suit your interests. Contact us today to create your own adventure.


One of the most valuable things when traveling as a family is spending time together and enjoying outdoor recreational activities without the distractions of our daily routines. Our experiences provide opportunities for all age groups to learn, question and have fun surrounded by nature, providing everyone with the benefit of connecting with our history, culture and traditions.

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Want an adventure of a lifetime? Leave us the task of impressing you by organizing your tour. You will enjoy our experienced official tour guides who will make sure you have the perfect tour.

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Purchase Tickets & Choose Your Adventure
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